To be a Gentleman…

In this age of scandal and law suit; it was a revelation to see a young man on a recent question time asking a question about the way that MPs treat women. The 17 year old from the London Borough of Croydon is a credit to society and especially the male gender.

I was born in 1987 in Urban Nottingham and lived from Birth in the rural Derbyshire village of Sandiacre in the Borough of Erewash.

I was raised; along with my brother, to be a gentleman. I was taught manners from the beginning and the value of respect and authority.

I have often commented on the ideals of chivalry and how I personally will treat; not only the few women in my life but women in general in society. A little bit of respect costs nothing.

Sure I will treat EW to flowers every now and then for no reason other than to show my affection; but, the real affection for me comes out in how you treat a girl.

For example how many men will hold a door open for a girl? Or pull a chair out for them? How about walking road side of the pavement?

The young man I mentioned earlier asked; how does a 17 year old know more about having respect for women than the majority of MPs? Well for me; it’s not just MPs; it’s the modern society that we live in.

I challenge the younger generation of men to follow my lead and the lead of many great men such as Jacob Rees Mogg and learn how to treat a lady.


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