Aspiration and life

Anyone who knows me really well will appreciate that I hold family values very dear indeed. I have often said that the biggest aspiration that any man can have is to own his own home and as a Conservative and a Thatcherite at that, obviously I am proud of the work that the Conservative Party have done to make that aspiration a reality for so many.

As a Conservative; I believe whole heartedly in the virtues of family and the values that go along with it.

For me; home ownership and family are synonymous. Though obviously it would be wrong to assume that the home has to be owned by the occupant for it to be a family home.

We spend so long in this day and age focusing on money and material possessions but the aspirations of having a family extend far beyond materialistic value and monetary matters. That said; I have spent my life being overly career focused; very much married to the job.

As a Christian and an aspiring family man I was over the moon when somebody who I had admired for a while showed me that the feeling was reciprocated. I had been somewhat alone for a long time and whilst my political career is greatly fulfilling; I needed to share my experiences with someone. I have great political aspirations but also have aspirations of being a family man too. Both things are pretty well linked from my point of view.

The lady in question shared my aspirations and family values whilst forging a career of her own.

I will refer to her only as EW in my future posts.

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