My Classical Music Top 10

I dared to criticise the music at work the other day. I have to say that’s the one thing I miss about working in an office, I used to get in before anyone else and have 30 minutes of quality music before the modern mainstream pop music of GEM 106 came on.

So I started to educate my colleagues a little bit. I have decided to put this post together with my personal selection.

  1. The Planets Suite; Jupiter: the Bringer of Jollity – Gustav Holst.
  2. Cello Concerto in E Minor – Sir Edward Elgar.
  3. Nimrod; Enigma Variations l – Sir Edward Elgar.
  4. Syrinx – Claude Debussy.
  5. Piano Concerto No 5 – Beethoven.
  6. Promenade – Gershwin.
  7. Rackwick Bay – Phamie Gow.
  8. Symphony No 9 – Dvorak.
  9. Ride of the Valkeries – Wagner.
  10. La Quattro Stagione – Vivaldi.