Why Andy Street embodies True Conservative Values.

As the former CEO and Managing Director of John Lewis, Andy Street should be the sworn enemy to an employee and Shareholder at Marks and Spencer. No matter how many sides we see M&S from, the Management have always seen the major competitors as being John Lewis.

Andy Street started his graduate life aiming to be a social worker; after being turned down by Birmingham City Council and then being turned down by the Marks and Spencer training scheme he headed for John Lewis. 

He has taken on roles in store; head office and in the manufacturing units; he has been local managing director in two different areas, he has been director of personnel and finally he was CEO and Managing Director for 9 years.

He steered the business through choppy waters to success during a worldwide recession.

He has headed up the Birmingham Local Enterprise Partnership and been a figure head for business in the city and in the region.

What makes Andy stand out is his passion for local business. He is a fantastic ambassador for aspiration and for climbing the ladder. 

I’ve often reiterated my Conservative beliefs of aspiration; hard work; meritocracy; equality of opportunity; low taxes and free trade.

Andy Street is an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs and all local politicians. He fully embodies the Conservative values that I embrace and believe in.

For me he has proven that if you truly want something bad enough and you put your mind to something, anything is achievable.

Andy has gone from shop floor to boardroom in a major British institution, albeit it a great rival of the company that I work for. 

I fully support Andy and he is a great ambassador for our party. He will make a great Mayor for the West Midlands.