Bullies made me who I am now!…

My name is Cllr Richard Harris and I have been bullied.

Yup, that’s right, from the age of 9-16 I was bullied every single day of my school life.

When I started work, I thought I’d escaped, I thought I’d found somewhere that I was accepted and for four years I was. For the last year that I was at McDonalds, I suffered it there too. 

Now being bullied has done two things to me, it made me very wary of people and it wasn’t until my latter student years that I began to trust people and make friends, but it made me turn to public service. 

Instead of being bitter about my experiences I use them to help other people. I campaign to end bullying and I work with the community to improve lives. 

I blogged earlier about one cause of anxiety and sleep loss. This is the other. 

Today, On world mental health day, my message is this: the countless bullies that I suffered in my formative years, at Cloudside; Friesland and at work made me the strong and resilient character that I am today. Bullies can cause all sorts of personal issues. Don’t let them. Talk to someone!

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