Time for change?…

As a political activist there are only really two lines that parties can use to evoke any kind of political change.

1. let’s stay on course (predominantly can only be used if you are in government.)

2. it’s time for change (this one is the main line for parties in opposition)

As a relative newcomer to party politics I fought the 2010 general on the battlefield using the time for change line. It seemed to work.

We formed a bizarre “Con-dem” coalition government and we were fairly limited in what we could do.

In 2015 we sort of used a mixture of the two lines. We needed to keep the Tory Common Sense but we needed a full on conservative government.
So enough of the political history lesson… To my point…
In the wake of the brutal murder of Jo Cox MP up in West Yorkshire, I now feel it’s time to reinforce those most important of British Values: Democracy and respect.

The truth is that it’s “Time for change” again. It’s time for change in traditional party politics. 

It’s right and proper that we each have different views and that we are able to express them. However it’s time to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. 

To paraphrase Mrs Thatcher: “I do so enjoy it when they get personal, it means that that don’t have a single political argument left.”

But joking aside let’s keep the politics political. It really is time to change.

In memory of Jo Cox MP on what would be her 42nd Birthday.