Is the next generation of Tory voter actually the working man?

I often, during the 2015 local elections was asked on the doorstep “Have you got a proper job?” 

I thought, what a curious question to ask a local candidate, but it’s an important question and I’ve come to realise in my 7 years in politics that it is a real consideration for voters, locally here in my native Derbyshire. 

The truth is that all three of the Conservative candidates in my ward (incidentally, now all three Councillors) work in fairly blue collar jobs in the logistics industry.

I speak to many people in the work place, inevitably when they find out what I do, the conversation turns to politics.

The question is: “Why are you a Tory?…” My response “… And I believe in low taxation, giving you more money to spend from your hard earned wages…”, always sparks an unexpected response.

Around two thirds will say: “That’s why I voted Tory for the first time…” 

Previous generations of workers were trade unionists and staunch Socialist workers, but as a colleague said to me last week, “I’m a worker, so I voted Tory… My dad hates me”.

That’s why I support the Conservative trade unionists and why I believe raising the personal allowance was absolutely the right thing to do.

I can say that the next generation of Tory voter actually the working man.

Strike a chord?

I am a unionist.

After all is said and done I am a card carrying member of the Conservative and Unionist Party. I believe in unionism but not in militancy. 

I especially abhor strike action. I do not see that it gets anything done. I have been in a volunteer role, covering for picketing workers, so this proves the point that there will always be people to fill the void.

My biggest issue however is that Trade unions are becoming the fourth sector. Union stewards should be workers first. For a union to have a CEO and a management structure is abhorrently wrong. 

Let’s look at the junior doctors strike…

The doctors aren’t interested in reaching an agreement or a compromise. Nor are they interested in putting safety first. If they were they’d be negotiating rather than striking. 

The public sector needs a troubled group. In the last decade it was teachers, now it’s doctors.

But how many agree with what the doctors say and do? Today we saw a RTC on the M1. Is there sufficient medical cover to deal with it.
In my opinion the trade union bill didn’t go far enough.

Justice for all…

As we head the news from the Warrington Corroners Court people from across society begin to react in very different ways.

I am a football fan, I am a football fan who too has seen tragedy as a painful sideshow to the beautiful game. 

The biggest problem that I have with the findings of the Corroners court is this: I have seen many comments about the government of the day being to blame, infact a lot of people are directly blaming Magaret Thatcher. Now I understand that there will be disenchantment toward the establishment emanating from Mersyside, but blaming the great lady is cowardly pointless.

Justice has been done. The truth is out. But those people who continually blame Mrs Thatcher for the mistakes of South Yorkshie Police are not true looking for Justice for the 96, they are looking for a fight.

Let us take closure from the justice.