Tory(scum) and Proud!

I am 28 Years old. I am a life long Leeds United fan and for as long as I can remember I have heard the words “Dirty Leeds”, “Vile Animals”, “Leeds Scum”. Many of the younger generation still use the same language without actually understanding why.

I understand the older generations saying these things. The people who are older and remember the likes of Hunter, Bremner, Lorrimer and co. But the youngsters, those of my generation and younger don’t remember the players of the 1960’s, ’70’s and the like.

Because I have been subjected to these tribe like abuse techniques for the best part of 30 years, being yelled out as I walk down St Peters St and Deansgate in Manchester simply doesn’t bother me. When I see friends who have been spat at and attacked, it angers me; however, seeing neutral political hacks from independent blogs and newspapers and channel 4 news reporters attacked, I pity the attackers.

The majority of the protesters on Sunday were peaceful TUC members, who are perfectly entitled to have their say, I fact I welcome a peaceful protest, it’s almost a part of the camaraderie of Party Conference, we get it every year. There are also several splinter groups who will continue all week. 

You have the anti Austerity group who believe they have an argument. I would argue that the mandate that the Conservatives won in May 2015 would suggest otherwise. 

On top of the seemingly legitimate protest, the is the moronic anarchist movement who simply want to bring the government down. Which brings me back to my original point. Do THESE people understand what they are protesting about? Are they the new Derby County fans; the Manchester United fans so to speak of the political age? 

Now I am a respectable Tory Councillor and as such I am not going to speculate further, nor am I ever going to respond to these people.

I simply say this, please let us get on with running the country, March and Demonstrate if you feel you must, we know that not everybody will like what we do, but stop the mindless violence, the vile behaviour and the threats.