Streets Ahead in the City…

It has become a bit of a bug bare in my ward of Derby Road West. It is also a bit of a catch 22 situation.

Park on the street and you cause an obstruction to other road users, as has happened in one area of DRW, park half and half on the footway and cause an obstruction to pedestrians and footway users.

The trouble is that the Police are powerless until they see an obstruction being caused. It has to be an actual obstruction, rather than a potential obstruction, however. I am at present struggling to decipher quite what the definition of actual obstruction is.

Derby City, however being a unitary authority has introduced a series of Traffic Regulation Orders to prohibit parking on or waiting on footways and verges. Derby City Traffic regulation orders In order to do this, the local authority needs to have designated control of transport and traffic, basically be a unitary authority such as a City or County Authority. In other words, outside of Derby City, only Derbyshire County Council can introduce Traffic Regulation Orders across the County of Derbyshire.

Although Derbyshire are fairly cooperative in providing information, they are reluctant to introduce or change TRO’s or indeed alter the layout of carriageways and footways.

I am looking very carefully and with great interest at the new TRO’s in Derby City and the impact there of. If Traffic and on street parking continues to be an issue on the streets of Erewash, it may be time to start lobbying for a few new TRO’s of our own.

Watch this space.

Politics vs Public Duty

I am a campaigner at heart, a liberationist, a Disability Rights Activist, A Conservative Activist, A Christian, A Freedom Fighter. All of this can be summed up by saying I am a Thatcherite. Overall I am a Campaigner.

Now I am a politician, I’m a Councillor, a Conservative Councillor, a public servant.

Splitting the politics from the Duty is difficult sometimes and one has to be very careful not to blur the lines. 

Occasionally a piece of casework will turn up in the ‘In Tray’ from someone who you know votes the other way. Now, how easy would it be to put it on ice to pick up a case from a favourable resident?

When you think back to polling day and you consider how soon the election will come round, it really is all about being seen. It may get me an extra vote next time out.

I’m a politician and a campaigner but I’m honoured to be a public servant.

Corbin vs Milliband

For five years we in the Conservative Party have bragged about Ed Milliband being the best Conservative Activist we have ever had. But could Milliband’s gaffs, blunders and incompetence be blown out of the water in terms of loosing support to the Tories by Corbin’s ideology?

Jeremy Corbin’s lurch to the left, would seem like the perfect solution in most political situations. However in the current climate most of the Labour Party are seemingly searching for the illusive centre ground.

Could comments from socialist commentators such as “Old Labour, New Disaster” mean that under Corbin’s PseudoMarxist leadership more Socialist supporters lean to the right to protest?

This could be a protest vote that actually works rather than the typical protest party.