Family Values; Integrity and moral fibre.

Our record in government proves that we as conservatives place in very high regard our family values and our recognition for other people who feel the same way. Afterall we have introduced Tax breaks for married couples, greater emphasis on child and family tax credits and the marriage act, although not one of my favoured bills throughout the 2010-15 parliament goes a long way to showing the whilst we are traditionalists, we are a modernising force with it.

I hold family values very high on my agenda; in life and in politics. As a tradionalist, a Conservative, a Tory a Christian and a Thatcherite, My family values reign at the top of my agenda, both politically and personally. Now I am only 27 years of age, so hardly a wise old owl to be discussing family values and life experience with any great authority. All I know is that my family, old and new, including all new additions to my family and that counts in my personal life, my work life and my political life, all make me very very proud and i hope you all know who you are.

Reading interviews with Samantha Cameron in todays Telegraph and Mail on Sunday just makes me realise what a truly wonderful man the Prime Minister is and just how much humility and integrity he has. The amout of negativity that comes from the oposition in terms of the PM’s recod on; the NHS; DISABILITY; WELFARE; and all other knids of social stability where the PM and his family get criticised sickens me and makes me seriously question the moral fibre of all of these people. when you realise and understand the pain and anguish that the David and Samantha have been through with the death of their son Ivan and the death of the PM’s father, if anyone can question DC’s commitment to the NHS when he has used the service himself night after night for years. the fact that Samantha is still using the mental health services in the form of bereavement counselling, the fact that Ivan  was himself severely and profoundly disabled and getting worse leading up to his death. If anyone can question the Camerons on any of these policy areas, they are questioning the humility and integrity of a man who has seen so much pain and anguish and has used all of these services himself. 

Let me get back to my original point. My integrity has been challenged too by the oposition many times. During my student days I was told ‘You cannot be a Tory and a liberation officer’ I then pointed out that the Disability Discrimination act was the work of our greatest parliamentarian in a generation. The Rt Hin William Hague MP. I have been battling with our record on Section 28 for years, but my record as a liberation officer always prevailed and proved that the Conservatives were good liberationists. I alpointed out the good Lady’s record on the Falklands and our liberation of the islanders from tyrany and opression. 

When it comes to my own integrity and moral fibre as a politician. whenever i am searching for inspiration; if ive been walking too hard and my legs are giving up. I reach to the bottom of the box of council papers and political memories and find a card from a former constituet student from Derby. Frankii was a law student, she was clearly dyslexic and we all knew it, she had never been diagnosed and the university would provide support. I felt so strongly about this that I continued to fight the system until i got Frankii a support plan in place. Frankii gave me a thankyou card. That card gives me so much inspiration and in many ways is why i got into party politics.

In 3 years working with the students’ union in Derby, I only ever received that one thankyou. She asked to meet me in a quiet spot one day and gave me the thank you card. It almost reduced me to tears. You see i see every job and case through to fruition and to see that I had helped someone and that they appreciated my support, meant the world to me.

In January 2011, I saw Frankii and her friend Rachel, become the first two dyslexic students graduate with first class honours.

I was so incredibly proud.