What have we done to benefit our Children?

I have previously written that by not committing to our education policy we are failing our commitment to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

 I was recently at a regional meeting of the National Governors Association. A focus of the meeting was the question of monetary reimbursement for Chairs of Governors. The NGA stance on this is that the voluntary nature of Governance means that we get people who are truly committed to the cause.

After all the NGA represents the largest and longest standing volunteer organisation in the country. The NGA has reported that if Chairs were to be payed, they would only consider supporting paying a chair as an Honorarium and not as an elected chair.

Ofsted and the DFE are pushing the ideology of Succession Planning on Governing Bodies. Which would also support the use and development of limited terms of office. 

A delegate at that meeting reported that at their school, each meeting ends by asking the assembled governing body, what have we done to benefit our children? 

This is the question that should be at the forefront of our minds whenever we make a decision about Education. As we sit and ask this question at the end of each full governors meeting, this is precisely why I am against paying chairs of Governors.

Governance needs to be representative of all walks of life. We need business leaders, parents, community leaders and teachers. But most of all we need to be child focussed and child lead. 

Every decision needs to benefit the children.