Blue Sky Driving

I’ve had my little old reliable Grande Punto Auto, since new, for a little over five years. OK, it complains about going up steep hills on occasion but I have to say, I have no complaints and it’s great fun to drive. It corners well, the city steering is awesome and at 5am it gets me 6 miles to work in about 10 minutes. Thing is, I’m not in love with it anymore, it’s an effort to drive. The little Italian tank is fun but it’s not a pleasure.

Today I had a test in a New Yaris Hybrid. Wow! It’s smooth; it’s relaxing; the soft suspension made it a pleasure to take even a severe speed bump.

The reversing camera is a revelation, I reverse park as a matter of course anyway, but although the temptation is there to look behind you, the camera guides you into the space effortlessly.

Obviously the hybrid model is more environmentally friendly, as we try to out green the greens, and being loyal to M&S it’s all about Plan A in homage to Lord Rose.

On another political note, going for a Toyota brings a clever fusion of Japanese tech and loyalty to the local economy. You see whilst Fiat, Vauxhall, Ford etc are making cars in Europe, Toyota are made right here in Derbyshire.

Very excited to be driving my new car.