Education; Education; Ed…ucation

Im a conservative candidate and a School Governor. I often sit in governors meetings, sinking further into my chair as my fellow governors criticise the governments education policy.

I understand the contempt towards Mr Gove and i often say that i am linked to him by party association. In Nicky Morgan, however there is more than Party Association, given that she is an East Midlands MP, i have worked with her for a while on Constituency matters.

That said I expect a similar level of contempt for a while towards my Rt Hon Friend.

Whilst at Party Conference this week, I have had good conversation with both the NUT and the NASUWT. In the process I have had my mind changed about the NUT, i now recognise them to be much more child focusses than their counterparts at the NASUWT. They also have a manifesto of alternative measures, which although may not be agreeable (I am working my way through reading it) is to be applauded and respected.

The NASUWT, pretty much like Labour, have no alternative plan.

The Education system is a future lifeline of the nation, if we dont make a commitment to Education, we are failing on our commitment to Great Britain.

The End of an Era for a great leader.

It was both a great honour and a privilege to witness the last conference address by the man dubbed the greatest parliamentarian of a generation, by Britain’s Austerity Chancellor.

It is 37 years since William Hague first addressed Conservative Party Conference. George Osbourne was just 6 years old.

I have attended three conferences in 4 years and the opening day speech by Mr Hague gets more and more rousing. At this, his final address to the Party Faithful, he spoke of his experience of different Labour administrations and ultimately described the current shadow cabinet as the weakest in a generation. Claiming that, not since Michael Foote’s Labour of the 1980’s has there been a Labour Team more unfit to govern the Country.

Aside from maybe Boris, there is nobody as rousing in the party at present. He will be missed dearly.


How could I support anything but a No?

The clue is in the name, The Conservative and Unionist Party.

I openly supported the Better Together Campaign all the way through, but unsurprisingly I was a tiny bit split for a short time.
As I said in an earlier post, a Britain without Scotland would be a Blue Britain, but we as a Party are historically a Unionist Party.
The truth is that as a Party we value our heritage and Party values over carving an easy path to a Conservative Future. But are we about to see a seismic shift in Scottish views? Will Scotland go Blue in 2015?
What is evident is the seismic shift in the Labour Party. Whilst Labour edge the polls in Westminster, it is David Cameron on top as the more popular leader. However, given that the No Campaign was lead by two former Labour heavyweights, could Darling or Brown be in the leadership frame?

#Darling #Brown #Balls

Best interests of the Nation before party

Lets face it, a Britain without the Scottish constituencies would mean a Blue Britain, but the Union and the country are better together.

If one of the leaders would benefit from Scotland remaining in the Union, it would be Red Ed. But if we are ever going to contemplate leaving Europe we are a stronger nation with Scotland. We have alot of enterprise links in Scotland and the import/export markets are huge.

The arguments for and against are enormous. What puzzles me, however is the way that the SNP keep trying to tell us that they will be part of a free movement zone; they will join the EU; they will use the pound; etc.

Has Anyone had a negotiation with them about any of these issues?

For example, surely a Scottish Embassy will need to be formed; border control in the north will become a responsibility for the Home Office.

I work in a very multi-cultural environment, predominantly EU nationals, if Scotland are blocked from automatic EU membership are Scottish Nationals going to need work permits and visas?

11 Days to tell.

Life Through Blue Lenses

I was once accused by a students’ Union colleague of “seeing everything through Blue Tinted Lenses”.

Of course Jack was speaking figuratively and metaphorically but the irony is that i do wear Blue Irlen filtered metachromatic lenses to correct my Irlen syndrome.

This being the first post of my new blog which is entitled Life Through Blue Lenses.

It will focus on my somewhat blue tinted outlook on life as well as being more accessible political commentary.

It will be tweeted through my own twitter account and will be posted on Facebook.

Feel free to join the debate.